Tips to avoid being cheated and scammed while shifting to a new city – Advice From Trusted packers and movers Company

Shifting to a new city can be a big hassle if not properly planned, if you take proper precautions and work on the mentioned points then shifting your household items would be an easy task for you.

Most of the packers and movers firm are actually just packers with no system of their own to transport your material from source city to destination city.

There are hundreds of FIR registered against a lot of packers and movers, you can check various videos of people whole told thier experience of being scammed by false packers and movers firm.

Reality : There are many packers and movers listed over the internet who are there just to cheat.

These people would provide you the lowest quotes, which are some time unrealistic. Real picture will start to appear after the goods are picked up from your home.
  1. Read the reviews – Negative ones first.
    • If the packers and movers is a cheater, that company must have cheated in the past with other customers too. Most of the real reviews get covered among hundreds of fake reviews. You need to read the negative reviews of the service provider to get the real picture.
  2. Confirm in writing that the quote includes all the charges.
    • Charging extra later on against charges which were not mentioned earlier is one of the most common way to extract more money from you. You need to confirm everything in writing with clear discussion that not other charges will be charged later on till the delivery of your goods.
  3. Search the contact number of packers and movers over google.
    • False packers and movers often change the name after cheating a few customers, but the mobile number remains the same most of the time. Search their number to track their history and find if they are one of the notorious people or not.
  4. Visit the office of packers and movers.
    • This may be a little difficult for you but this adds a layer of trust. You would be at least in a position to take some action in case of any cheating.
  5. Ask for Insurance copy.
    • Most of the companies do charges extra for insurance, and many times skips doing insurance while they charge you for the same.

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