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Logistics and transportation is the bloodline of any economy, goods can be consumed only when they are transported. India, being a developing economy, there is no definite or standard way to transport your goods. Startups like Weeple are working to solve the issues in the transport Industry. You need to check the following facts to transport your goods in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Which mode of transport is best for the transportation of your goods?

There might be many ways to transport goods but one of them would be most effective. You basically have three options :

  1. Railways
  2. Road transport via Trucks
  3. Airways

The railway has wide reach but is known for its inefficiency. You are required to go to take the goods to the source city railway station and pick up goods from the destination city railway station. The goods are often handled poorly while transportation.

Airways is one of the most effective ways of transportation of goods but expensive by the same margin. Many times, the freight quotation is higher than the value of goods. That’s why it is not an efficient mode of transporting your goods.

Transporting goods by truck is the most common and widely used mode of transportation of goods. The Indian trucking industry is the lifeline of the economy. India has around 12 million trucks which transport goods. More than 15,00,000 trucks are loaded everyday. This more of transportation is the cheapest but lack high reliability, effectiveness, and standard mechanism for transactions.

How to transport goods through trucks?

There are generally two system of transportation of goods, divided on the basis of their quantity.

  1. Part Load Transportation – (Goods transportation in sharing) – Under this system, the goods are collected and aggregated in a warehouse in the source city and then transported in a truck which follows the pre-decided route according to the cities in which the loaded goods is are to be delivered. The goods are then unloaded in a warehouse and delivered to the receiver with loading rickshaws. Freights are generally calculated per kilogram or per box. Per unit freight is higher than Full Truck Load Transportation rates.
  2. Full Truck Load Transportation – When a complete truck is allocated for transportation of your good only, it is known as Full Truck Load Transportation. The per-unit freight is cheaper than any other mode of transportation and continue to reduce as the total weight increases.

There are various types of truck used for transportation in India, choose the truck which is best for the transportation of your goods, give us a call on 9111221101 to find out which truck is best for transportation of your goods. Check the various types of trucks on this blog –

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Legal formalities and documents required in the transportation of goods

With the new GST system, the legal formalities in the transportation of good has been simplified.

  • In the case of commercial goods, you need delivery challan or tax invoice and Eway bill. Eway is not required in some cases. Check out at Indiafilings. if it is required in transportation of your goods.
  • In the case of second-hand goods, goods sent for own use or consumption and household goods shifting, a legal proof that the goods are owned by you is required.

Procedure to transport goods through trucks

  1. Find a reliable, efficient and trusted transporter who can transport your goods effectively at best rates.
  2. After you give confirmation, a vehicle is sent to your location to pick up the goods. Generally it’s your responsibility to arrange labors to load the goods in the truck. Weeple provides you an option to opy-out of this and let Weeple team arrange for the loading.
  3. Then you need to prepare Eway bill and tax invoice and give it to the driver. http://Weeple.in provides you the option to opt-out of this hassle and Weeple team prepares the Eway bill on your behalf. Payment is generally made at this time, the percentage of advance amount varies from transporter to transporter but generally ranges between 50% to 90%.
  4. Good are transported and delivered to the delivery point mentioned address. remaining amount is paid to the transporter.

The following tasks are not as easy as they appear. Many customers say that sometimes the search for a good transporter take more time than sales!!!

Weeple is a truck management startup and B2B intercity transportation service provider. Weeple Team is working to solve the problems in Indian Trucking Industry. Weeple provides one-stop solution to all your transportation requirements so you don’t need to waste efforts to contact different transporter for different routes and different truck types. Go with Weeple!

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