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How Weeple is far more effective than your existing Transporter

How Weeple is far more effective than your existing Transporter

Weeple is an Indore based startup solving the problem of informal transportation and logistics mechanism in India.

The actual logistics is very complex and needs you to perform various activities which are quite tiring. In case of part load, you need to arrange a loading truck to send the goods to transporter’s warehouse, send one of your team member to complete documentation, call again and again due to multiple delays.

In case you book a full truck, the lies of agents is unavoidable. The traditional transporters are not being able to adapt to the new market condition and consumer demands. Now, effectiveness and efficiency factor have become equally important as the quality of product.

Transportation and warehousing services together – Get warehouse to store your goods and directly transport them to your distributors. Now, No need to have different partners for transportation and storage. Weeple provides warehousing and storage at best rates. Storage charges starts from as low as Rs 10/ Sq. feet.

Insurance of goods in Transportation – Weeple not only cares about the transportation process but also about your goods’ safety. Weeple provides you the facility to get your goods Insured from HDFC Ergo at minimal rates. That insures not only the goods but your profit too. Insured value = Minimum 110% of the Invoice value.

Weeple pays for the premium on your first transaction with Weeple i.e. Insurance is free on your first transaction with Weeple.

Delivery and pickup – If you need the goods to be picked up and delivered to your customer, then this will be a tough job as most of the transporter ask you to send your goods to their warehouse and pick from their warehouse in destination city. Moreover, you need to have contacts with loading truck drivers to send the goods to the warehouse and talk to different transporter for different routes. With Weeple, you don’t need to waste efforts in these activities. Weeple pickups the goods from your location and deliver the goods to your customer at door-step.

The process of goods transportation is very simple, cost-effective and hassle-free at Weeple

  1. Call Weeple for rates to give quotation to your customer.
  2. Call for goods pick up when you get confirmation from your customer. This involves preparing the necessary documents. Weeple can prepare that on your behalf, just give us the invoice and we will do the rest of the work. Read more about legal requirement here- 
  3. Pay a part of the freight.
  4. Get the delivery and pay rest of the amount.

The rates for Part Truck load Transportation are generally fixed. Contact us, we have the lowest rates in the market as we directly manage the trucks. Our rates are usually 15% to 60% less than the agent market rates and 90% less than the rates of popular transporters like Gati, Safe Express and TCI.

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Weeple is a truck management startup and B2B intercity transportation service provider. Weeple Team is working to solve the problems in Indian Trucking Industry. Weeple provides a one-stop solution to all your transportation requirements so you don’t need to waste efforts to contact different transporter for different routes and different truck types. Go with http://Weeple.in

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