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One partner for transportation and storage of your goods.

One partner for transportation and storage of your goods.

Get warehouse to store your goods and directly transport them to your distributors at best rates. Now, no need to have different partners for transportation and storage. Weeple provides you both warehousing and transportation services at best rates. Storage charges start from as low as Rs 10/ Sq. feet.

Same service provider for warehousing and transportation services reduces your cost by up to 50% with a sharp reduction in time taken for transportation. This gives you an edge to your competition and ensures you operate effectively and efficiently.

How to will Weeple help you?

Weeple will provide you the facility to store your goods in our warehouses after they manufactured or received by you. After this, your goods will be transported to any city you want and the storage rent will be charged only for the time the goods were stored.

  1. Cost reduction – Outsourcing the storage and transportation task to Weeple will reduce your cost to a large extent as you’ll not be required to shift goods from your storage warehouse to transporter’s warehouse. Also, you are hot required to pay the rent of the whole month. Rent will be charged only for the period the goods were stored, not for the whole month.
  2. Fast Transportation – With the goods being in possession with Weeple, the time taken for transportation is quite short as the goods are directly forwarded from our warehouse.
  3. Better operations – Weeple work to make the operation most effective, efficient and reliable. By partnering with Weeple, you use the most effective service available in the market and this benefits your business by a large extent.
  4. Low efforts – The actual logistics is very complex and needs you to perform various activities which are quite tiring. In case of part load, you need to arrange a loading truck to send the goods to transporter’s warehouse, send one of your team members to complete documentation, call again and again due to multiple delays. By partnering with Weeple, you do not waste your efforts and can focus on your core activity.
  5. Boost growth – Increase in sales and growth requires the most effective system. Logistics and transportation is one of the core activity in any business, partnering with a reliable and effective partner enable you to boost your sales and grow at a much faster rate.

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Weeple Transport and Logistics services
Sell to new customers, cities and market with reliable and cost effective transportation startup Weeple.

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